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Hank and Yvonne Charneskey on the red carpet at The Ritz Film Festival in Winter Haven, FL June 2014.

Hank and Yvonne Charneskey on the red carpet at The Ritz Film Festival in Winter Haven, FL June 2014.

Hi, we’re Hank and Yvonne Charneskey.  Welcome to VonHenry Media–a cadre of experienced individuals from the world of cinematography, Television and the Internet with some unique products to offer you–a client.


VonHenry Media, Inc., was founded by Hank and Yvonne Charneskey in 2006. Their combined artistic skills and technical training give VonHenry Media a solid foundation that has earned them a reputation for delivering quality work on target, on time, and on budget.

VonHenry Media’s portfolio includes the award-winning documentary “Go Mickey Go” (Best Documentary Film, Los Angeles Independent Underground Film Festival, 2013), commercials, video book trailers, white board explainer videos, and news and features.

In 2014, VonHenry Media was named Small Business of the Year by the Pinellas Park/Gateway Chamber of Commerce.

Yvonne 4x5 72dpiYvonne Charneskey, President and Executive Producer for VonHenry Media, Inc., trained in fine art at Purdue University at Ft. Wayne, IN, and pursued photography at St. Francis College. She brought her creative flair to the fields of finance and hospitality, and later worked as a producer for talk radio. Despite her business success, her heart’s desire was to produce documentary films, films that would breathe life into the still photographs that preserved the images that fired her imagination. A former model and a creative artist in several visual media, Yvonne brings unique insights that turn even standard commercial projects into unexpected imagery. “My life and work philosophy is best expressed by a quote from Rumi,” says Yvonne. “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”

Hank 4x5 72dpiHank Charneskey, CEO and Executive Producer for VonHenry Media, Inc., brings a strong business/retail background to support the visual artistry that defines each VonHenry production. Hank attended Illinois State University, studying Business Administration.  Early work as a musician and audio engineer drew him to videography, and he recorded Colorado’s horse show circuits during the summer months, and snow skiers on the slopes in winter. It wasn’t until Hank and Yvonne were married that the two realized their artistic interests converged in the television studio. “We got our impetus to ‘go pro’ when we took a class in studio production,” Hank explains. “We produced several television shows and, after friends in the video production business saw our results, they urged us to start our own company. We’re glad we took that advice!”




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