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About VonHenry Media

VonHenry Media | Professional Video & Film Production | Tampa Bay Area

Marketing experts report that if you don’t have a video on your company’s website, 93% of potential buyers will just move on, looking for the “show and tell” information that only a video can provide.

Marketing videos will improve your bottom line, and VonHenry Media can deliver those marketing videos on target, on time, and on budget.

Founded in 2006, VonHenry Media provides the Tampa Bay area and adjacent counties with exceptionally captivating projects that reflect their “cinematic” approach to videography.

The husband/wife team of Hank and Yvonne Charneskey offers a skill set that’s hard to beat, from artsy and street-smart photography, to an experienced ear for the nuances of music selection and background sounds, to spot-on editing with shot selection and effects that make each project shine.

Clearwater-based VonHenry Media has produced more than 300 projects that run the gamut, from industrial videos, commercials, and educational films, to their long-form documentaries.

A strong element in VonHenry’s approach to each product they undertake is their ability to use storytelling effectively to capture an audience’s attention. VonHenry projects tell your storycreating brand awareness so viewers know, like, and trust your products and brands FAST!

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